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How Mosquito Traps & Mosquito Repellents Work

Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito repellent machines work by misting a substance that confuses mosquitoes receptors so that they cannot find a target. Mosquito Central carries only non-toxic repellents. They have been scientifically tested and found to work as well as toxic repellents. Unlike the toxic repellents, these do not kill beneficial insects and are not dangerous to people or animals in any way. Best of all, unlike many others on the market, these have been scientifically proven to really work.

The Terminix AllClear Lantern, Backyard Mosquito Mister and the Mosquito Sentry all use non-toxic repellents. They work against all biting insects. Each one covers a specific size area (from about 200sq. ft. up to 2000 Sq. Ft.). They emit a mist of a substance made from a food-grade plant called Geraniol.



The Cognitos also emit a similar scent that is totally non-toxic (called Linalool). They cover a smaller area.

Mosquito Patches provide personal protection when you are in an unprotected area, such as the garden, hiking, or away from home. They allow your body to absorb enough Vitamin B1 which mosquitoes don't like to repel them. You cannot take enough orally to achieve the amount needed. 1 patch lasts 36 hours. They are very effective.

See the Mosquito Repellents page to compare them or click the links to get detailed product information. 


Mosquito Traps

How do mosquito traps attract and kill mosquitoes? 

Mosquitoes are first attracted to a trap by smell. They can smell CO2 around 100 feet from a trap and start to fly towards the source.  Next Octenol and Lactic Acid start to be perceived around 50 feet.  As the insect continues toward the source, the color, lights and apparent movement in some mosquito traps add more attractants. Mosquitoes can only see about 30 feet. 

Finally, as they get within around 3 feet, the mosquitoes sense the heat and moisture from the CO2 release (if present) and fly into (or under the Mosquito Magnets) the mosquito trap, where they are blown by a fan into a container from which they cannot escape, making these mosquito killer machines.

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